3CX – Three Phone System Features Every Business Need

If you’ve been researching new phone systems for your business recently, it’s perfectly understandable that your head is spinning. With so many vendors in the marketplace promoting the features of their wares, and the glut of statistics available on the Internet hyping the benefits of various solutions, pinpointing exactly which capabilities your company should employ to meet its communications needs is, frankly, a project.

Every company has different communications needs, so what you need in your office may not be what the competitor up the street requires in a phone system. There are, however, a few crucial features any quality phone service must include:


Mobile and remote working is more popular than ever, so any phone system you adopt should offer a top-flight mobile solution. The service should enable employees to take their office extensions with them anywhere they go, so they’ll never miss important calls from clients or customers. The system should also include presence, which is part of a robust mobile solution, as it allows employees to set their status so co-workers can instantly see the best way to contact them.

Unified Messaging

In business, simple is generally good—and unified messaging makes communications simpler. Instead of having to check a fax machine or waste time dialing into a voicemail system to retrieve a message, best-in-class phone systems deliver all communications directly to your email inbox. Faxes are delivered as PDFs and voicemails are retrievable directly from the inbox without calling into a system.

WebRTC-based Videoconferencing

WebRTC is the next transformative communications technology, so if a vendor isn’t leveraging the innovation, it should be a major red flag. WebRTC makes videoconferencing easy by allowing users to initiate virtual meetings through a Web browser. All it takes to get started is a few mouse clicks, and once the meeting is created, the organizer sends a link to invitees who click it and enter the conference immediately. Whether the conference involves attendees who work in the same company or representatives from different organizations, nobody has to download anything or install any plug-ins to participate in the meeting.

Easy Installation and Management

Best-in-class phone systems should be simple to set up, deploy and manage; 3CX takes this principle to another level, as it is the only software-based PBX that can run on an existing Windows machine. Installing 3CX is as simple as plugging an IP phone into the network and letting 3CX automatically detect and configure it. Managing 3CX Phone System is simple as well. Any upgrades or changes to the service can be made through the 3CX management console, eliminating confusion and the need for helpdesk calls.

Now You Know What to Look for

If you are considering a phone system that lacks any of the aforementioned features, it’s time to take a step back and look again. Now that you know what to look for it should be easier to wade through all the information out there and make a sound decision for your company. Still not completely convinced that 3CX has the solutions you company needs? No problem. Click here to read some of our case studies and see how 3CX transformed communications for other businesses.

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